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Rue DAntibes sim reborn!

Rue Dantibes is finally reborning yay!! Lamb, Niht'n'Day, Icing and many other cool shops arrived this week at Antibes!Yes the famous sim designed and owned by Barnesworth Anubis is alive. Hey more news?

The land is now complete..we just started with a waiting list, other finest and cool shops are waiting to arrive here.

The great success of our Christmas gifts Market started to show the new reborn land!

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Marcantonio Beaumont

Christmas Market! at Rue DAntibes

Available since many days, Donna Flora, The sea hole, Zeery, Barnesworth Anubis and so many others putted free and cheap items for our visitors! just come to check, sure you will like it...Merry Christmas!

Madams and Messieurs Rue DAntibes!!

Bonjour mon petit madoiselles i introduce you the new Rue DAntibes!!! Designed by the great Barneswoth Anubis and very well know in the past the land is ready to become again the new star in sl.Many good designer are just here and many are arriving!!! Barneswoth Anubis, with his prefabs..Lamb, Icing,Trompe l'oleil,Elate, C'est Moi! boutique and many others...
Explore antibes, show your design or just come to shopping..the best experience in sl is waiting you!
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