Introducing Stash & Dash!

Welcome to Stash & Dash!

The premise is a simple one: every time you purchase a product marked with the Stash & Dash logo from one of the stores participating in the event, along with the item you bought, you receive an HUD, and these instructions.

Wear the HUD. By default, it attaches to the Center2 HUD point, but you may attach it to any HUD point, or even wear it on your body. Now visit each of the participating stores and find a validator poster. Stand near to it, touch the HUD then the validator. The store's logo should appear on your HUD, showing it was validated. If you have multiple HUDs attached, you may touch all of them before touching the validator device.

Move on to the next store and touch your HUD and the validator poster until you have visited them all. The full list of stores is here:

U&R Dogs:
Little Boxes:

Once you have filled your HUD you are ready to redeem it for a free gift. One gift per HUD. You may of course obtain several HUDs by purchasing several items which contain them, at any of the participating stores.

To redeem your gift, make you way to the gift redemption kiosk:

Make sure noone else is using it. Look at the gifts displayed and see which you would like. When you have chosen, touch your HUD, and then the redemption kiosk. If your HUD has been properly validated at all stores, it will be voided (it will fill with black circles), and you will be asked to touch the picture of the gift you wish to receive. (You have 2 minutes to do so.) Barring SL issues, you should receive it in a few moments. The voided HUD is now useless and can be deleted.

Please note that event organizers and store owners cannot be held responsible for SL issues, such as region crashes, or if you crash between selecting the gift and it being delivered. Store owners will have logs of attempted deliveries, but do NOT expect them to be 100% reliable. Nothing in SL is. If you have any problems please contact Amira Footman, the store owners taking part in the event will NOT be able to assist you!

Also, if you have more than one HUD card to redeem, do NOT attempt to redeem them all at the same time. Wear ONE, redeem it, then detach it, and wear the next. Attempting to redeem several at once will result in them all being voided and only one gift being delivered. Under no circumstances will additional gifts be given you if you have tried to redeem more than one at a time.

We very much hope you enjoy this event, and the stores participating. Please take some time to explore them all, and browse their range of quality products.
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