Gatcha Posters @t Rue

 Hey vendors! Here is the first poster for the Rue Gatcha event! Take it, hang it up, use it as wallpaper, ect.Remember, we close applications in 3 days, so there is still time for plenty of you to reserve your own machine!  

Fall Gatcha @ Rue Updates

+ The Vendor List for the Fall Gatcha is up with our current participants!

If your not on the list there is still time, Applications close on the 31 of October.

Check the ingroup Notices for the application, fill it out and send it to ---  Zeerya Pyrithea.

The Small Fall Gatcha @ Rue : Apply Today!

Merchants of Rue, we are doing an end of Autumn event and it involves Glorious Gatchas!
◉ When: November 14th - 29th, 2010
◉ Where: All around the Rue D'Antibes SIM, and a little bit in the Main Square

Applications for reserving a Gatcha are out and can be found in the Group Notices, so grab one and be sure to send them in, because we stop accepting them on the 31st of October!

Time's almost up! The Red Seal Hunt...


 2 days left.
better hurry.....

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