Two Days till the Red Seal Hunt is Over...

Just two more days left until October 4th, so get hunting before the event is over!
Also, the winners of the Red Seal Hunt Poster Contest will be announced tomorrow (Oct 3rd) so stay tuned!
      Participating Stores Thus Far....
      (Updated September 18th)
      = Envelope Hidden 
(1) [ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs 
How about something extra today?

(2) { Zeery } Color Couture 
✦ So wait, there are six tables, and I have to check them all!?

(3) Lisa .L (Item accidentally priced, ON HOLD)
If  you are not lazy, you will clean the dust and you will find me, but dont break a  leg  

(4) Delicioso Designs
If you looking for red seals makes you sleepy, feel free to rest here.

(5) Madville Textures
I'm on fire!!

(6) Metaverse Couture
Find me near the star of Some Like it Hot

(7) Black Karbon
Where there is smoke there's your prize

(8) Pulling Strings
The teacher wants to see you.

(9) Calico Ingmann Creations
Listen to the Melody

(10) Indyra Originals

(11) Raspberry Aristocrat
Feel the vibe it's near where you subscribe

(12) Barnes Boutique
It's never too late in the year for a swim

(13) {JUNK} Jewelry
Dont tred on me

(14) Es' cusi
hmm, do you taste that? yummy

(15) Ali Couture

(15)Vita Bella: Vintage Fashion (ON HOLD)
✦ You will find me where two lines cross, and a crtain  Lionel
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