Rue D'Antibes Red Seal Hunt in 3 Days

The Hunt is about to start! The search for the classic red sealed envelope at Rue D'Antibes .

Since the hunt is completely on the Sim, we wont be giving out hints this season. But rest assured, if you look for them, you will find the envelopes hidden in our participating stores!

Our stores thus far...
  • [ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs 
  • [ ZEERY ] Color Couture 
  • Es'Cusi
  • Shine
  • just a hunch
  • Delicioso Designs
  • Indyra Originals
  • Calico Ingmann Creations 
  • Vita Bella Vintage Fashion
  • Love, Ashley
  • Lisa L
  • Madville Textures  
  • Mission Home Store

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